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This article was first published in the Weekly Bichitra on March 26, 1974.  Recently it was published in Mridubhason on March 22, 2004.  If you have any confusion about the status of Bangabandhu, please scroll down to page 27 and 28, and see for yourself what Zia said about him.  I have underlined the lines in blue.  If you are also unsure about how so called "Paki brothers" used to treat us before the liberation war, please read page 23 and 25 and find out what Zia has to say. Please do not participate in the distortion of history, it is one of the worst crimes and sins. Nobody should go to hell fire for Madam, Nijami, or Golam Ajam.


Post Independence Khuni Zia:
Thousands of hardcore war criminals were in the prison before the murder of Bangabandhu and Zia's ascension to power. Many people think Bangabandhu forgave all the war criminals. It was totally untrue. The greatest criminal Golam Ajam had to take shelter in Pakistan. The other big criminals like Moilana Matiur Rahman Nijami and Ali Ahsan Mujahid were rotting in the prison. It was Dictator Zia who set all the hardcore war criminals FREE. He even brought Golam Ajam back from Pakistan. By freeing and bringing back the war criminals, and by rewarding the August 15th and November 3rd Dhaka Central Jail murderers, Zia proved that he was the greatest of all Mir Jafars in the world. Zia also proved that he was actively involved in both of those heinous murder cases. Had he not been involved, he would have punished all those murderers. Instead Zia gave all of them lucrative foreign service jobs (hint hint). The notorious and shameful indemnity bill was passed during Zia's rule which made it impossible to legally prosecute all those murders. Khuni (murderer) Zia was his appropriate title.  But unfortunately a large segment of people in Bangladesh revere him with high respect. This is a shameful legacy of many Bangladeshi Muslims. They should analyze all the facts before drawing any blind conclusion.

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