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Instrument of Surrender

1971 Bangladesh Pakistan War Criminals
Pakistani War Criminals
Rajakar List
Al-Badr List
Dhaka Univ Staff Dalal List
Rajshahi U Staff Dalal List
Types of Criminals
Pakistani Discrimination
Birth of a Nation by Gen. Ziaur Rahman
Declaration of Independence
Instrument of Surrender
The Evils of Moududism and Jamaat
Jinnah's Progeny - Punishment for Hypocrisy
Some Interesting Bangla Poems
From "Mujiber Rokto Lal" by M.R. Akthar Mukul, 5th print, August 2000, pp 14.
From "Joy Bangla" by M.R. Akthar Mukul, 2nd print, February 1991, pp 28.

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